Monday, August 15, 2022


Raise voices like the singing crickets make
in August, when they start to stridulate.
In summer heat, and for our season’s sake,
match all the buzz cicadas resonate.
Crash cymbals through dark troubles, quick and sharp.
With louder tymbals, drum out jubilee.
Beat sistrums with the angel’s ringing harp
and tap a tune with Heaven’s tympani.
But, I know every tiny abdomen
will, one day, be a chamber passed away.
Yet for my merry soul, a glad ‘amen’
sings out the promise of eternal’s day.
So long as Christ lets voices amplify.
So long as hearts are raised to glorify.



And David and all the house of Israel
played before the LORD on all manner
of instruments made of fir wood, even
on harps, and on psalteries, and on timbrels,
and on cornets, and on cymbals.
2 Samuel 6:5



Is prayer a list of requests only?
Is there a list of praises in prayer as well?
Is it as important as the first list?
Requests and praises go together much like the sounds
of crickets and cicadas in the hot summer month of August.

And Hannah prayed, and said,
My heart rejoiceth in the LORD,
mine horn is exalted in the LORD:
my mouth is enlarged over mine enemies;
because I rejoice in thy salvation.
There is none holy as the LORD:
for there is none beside thee:
neither is there any rock like our God.
1 Samuel 2:1-2

Hannah lifted praises to the one and only God. She rejoiced in God’s salvation and she thanked Him for granting her prayer request. Praying specifically brings about specific joy. Joys aren’t just random things, necessarily. Joys are acknowledging God’s specific working in our lives.

Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the LORD is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed. The bows of the mighty men are broken, and they that stumbled are girded with strength.
I Samuel 2:3-4

As Hannah continued her prayer, she expressed that God doesn’t like pride. She knew our actions are weighed by God. Wouldn’t the Creator be the one to measure what He created? Hannah knew that someone’s boasting of their own might can be turned around for the one who had stumbled but still trusted God. In our weakness, God can sustain and show His strength. But those who pride themselves on their own merit know less of God’s provision. 

They that were full have hired out themselves for bread; and they that were hungry ceased: so that the barren hath born seven; and she that hath many children is waxed feeble.
1 Samuel 2:5

Back in chapter one of First Samuel, we read how Hannah, in bitterness of soul, prayed and made a vow to God. When a vow to God is made, it had better be kept. God granted her prayer request to be able to have a baby and she gave her baby up as she vowed she would, keeping her vow. God turned things around from impossible to possible. Those who were full could end up hiring themselves out in order to eat and those who were hungry could end up full. Once barren, Hannah, now overjoyed, went on to give birth to more children while Peninnah, the other wife with many children and who had provoked Hannah, grew feeble. God can turn things topsy-turvy, all because of a prayer request. Sing to the Lord requests, like the crickets chirping in August. Be noisy with joy for answered prayer, like the buzz of cicadas. God can deliver!

The LORD killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up. The LORD maketh poor, and maketh rich: he bringeth low, and lifteth up.
1 Samuel 2:6-7

Hannah continued her prayer, making acknowledgments gained only by realizing God is all-powerful. She knew first-hand as we can know today. We sense God’s presence as He dwells within us. God, the Holy Spirit, enables us to understand what we didn’t understand before. The list of answered prayers is as important as the original list of requests, showing God’s work.

He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the LORD’S, and he hath set the world upon them. He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; for by strength shall no man prevail.
1 Samuel 2:8-9

Hannah continues her prayer. God doesn’t change. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We gain knowledge and wisdom in our time. It’s up to us in our generation to seek and find, to draw near, to believe, and to become children of God. Prayer life should be noisy and active. May insects remind us!

Hannah’s prayer ends with this declaring verse:

The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces; out of heaven shall he thunder upon them: the LORD shall judge the ends of the earth; and he shall give strength unto his king, and exalt the horn of his anointed.
1 Samuel 2:10

The boy God gave Hannah would become Samuel who would anoint David as king and who is in the genealogy of Jesus, God’s anointed. We are blessed in our generation to be able to see God’s Word across time. When our almighty Creator will judge the earth, it is best to be covered by the blood of the Lamb.

From her heart, Hannah prayed both earnest requests and thankful praises. We can learn much from this smart, prayer-warrior lady.

And again, Esaias saith, There shall be a root of Jesse, and he that shall rise to reign over the Gentiles; in him shall the Gentiles trust. Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. And I myself also am persuaded of you, my brethren, that ye also are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to admonish one another.
Romans 15:12-14

The drawn-out season of summer lingers here in my neck of the woods. Let singing crickets and buzzing cicadas remind you to make your requests known and to pray thankful praises for the specific things God has done. He is able to turn sorrow into joy and, by listening to His counsel, help us act toward others in goodness.

Monday, August 1, 2022


Blackberries ripen, full and sweet,
to make for me an August treat.
Their goodness calls me, “Come and dine!”,
so up I climb to make them mine.
Safe underneath the ash and beech,
the berries grow within my reach.
I pluck them quickly for my pail
and eat my fill along the trail.
Blackberries splendid, good and free,
are like the graces given me.
God’s fruit is for the picking ones,
and with it, love and mercy comes.


O taste and see that the LORD is good:
blessed is the man that trusteth in him.
Psalm 34:8




Picking blackberries up behind our woods can be therapeutic on an August evening. Frozen away, they will make nice additions to an oven-baked cobbler during winter, and they will remind us of summer.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. 

We can trust God.
We can trust His words in the Bible.
We can know He is a Rewarder to those who trust Him.

Those who seek God have a better result in finding Him. Seek and find. Taste and see. Ask and receive. Pray and be heard.

I sought the LORD, and he heard me,
and delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4

David sought and found. Psalm 34, written by the psalmist David, begins with praising the LORD. Our Creator wishes for us to draw near to Him. Praying praise focuses our attention on God who can deliver us from our problems.

They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed. This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.
Psalm 34:5-7

How do we not know an angel stands nearby? How do we not know deliverance might be right around the corner? Who wouldn’t want to taste and see? We are God's creation, made in His image with eyes, ears, nose and taste buds. He wants us to experience His presence in our lives and how He can deliver us from troubles.

The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing.
Psalm 34:10

When David tended his father’s sheep, he knew about fierce predators. Like David, seek God in prayer. We rely on God’s attentive ear to hear our joys for what He is doing for us and for what we choose not to be complacent about. Then, trust God’s timing, which is easier said than done.

What man is he that desireth life, and loveth many days, that he may see good?  Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.
Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.
The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry. The face of the LORD is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.
Psalm 34: 12-16    (and 1 Peter 3: 10-12)

Ask God where the good road is and then walk in it. Pick the good practice and stick to it. Commit to prayer. Pick the best blackberry and then drop it in the container! Jesus Christ said to follow Him. If we’re used to going our own way, it will be difficult to follow. Thankfully, our Savior is patient with us. And every morning is another opportunity to live the victorious life. His mercies are new every morning!

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart;
and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous:
but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.
Psalm 34:18-19

Band aids for scratches from berry briars can be purchased at the local drug store, but there isn’t anything there for a broken heart. God heals the broken-hearted. Jesus saves the one with a contrite spirit. Even with all the thickets we have to crawl through, the Holy Spirit is there to guide us. God is the Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). Through thick and thin, keep living for the reward He gives.

Psalm 34 ends with a promise:

The LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants:
and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.
Psalm 34:22

Our Redeemer redeems.
Our Rewarder rewards.
Our Creator creates.

For how great is his goodness, and how great is his beauty! Corn shall make the young men cheerful, and new wine the maids.
Zechariah 9:17

Taste and see. God’s fruit is for the picking ones! And there is a warm-baked cobbler ready to be enjoyed in the gathering of His goodness.

Friday, July 15, 2022


A soft breeze, a gentle sigh,
I’ll be where the leaves dance.
I’ll look up through at skies of blue
and fall within a trance.

In relaxed state, I’ll contemplate
and hear the wood thrush echoing.
His gorgeous tune releases me,
a distant place is beckoning.

How could God make these woods so fine?
All worries are asunder.
I’ll close my eyes and take it in,
this quiet place of wonder.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
John 14:27




And where the wind lists,
where the Spirit resides, and
where the tree yields.

Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
John 3:5

If everyone gained access into Heaven no matter what they believed, there would have been no reason for God to send His Son to die on the cross for our sins. The wind can remind us that entrance into the kingdom of God is only by believing in His Son.

That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.
John 3: 6-7

The wind separates the wheat grain from the chaff. The Holy Spirit gives the admittance ticket into Heaven. Jesus Christ, God’s Anointed and the King of kings, knows the sheep from the goats and makes the separation.

The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.
John 3:8

Keep praying for loved ones to know Jesus. Pray earnestly for the salvation of those not living by the Spirit. Keep a prayerful vigil through these days for reliance on God’s Word. God is still the Miracle Worker.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

The leaves dancing in the wind remind us of the peace Jesus Christ gives to those who put their trust in Him. The peace of knowing God’s Son resides in believing hearts. Faith equals being born of the Spirit, which leads to that beautiful promise of everlasting life. And I trust you know God’s promises always come true.

Therefore, since we have been made right
in God's sight by faith, we have peace with God
because of what Jesus Christ our Lord
has done for us.
Romans 5:1

As we lean back in our outdoor chairs and look up through the branches of trees, our hearts are filled with the peace given only by Jesus. When we express gratitude, we pray. When we have difficulties, we pray. It’s not about what we can’t do in hardships. It’s what we can do. Abraham, Elijah, Hannah and Esther praised God and pleaded with God in prayer. Prayer warriors lived before us, and they live among us today.

And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.
Revelation 21:27

Nothing that defiles can sneak into Heaven. No one who works abominations will be able to squeeze through a crack in the foundation because cracks don't exist. Like a beautiful pearl, the place Jesus is preparing for us lacks nothing. Like the rarest blue diamond, Heaven sparkles with goodness and joy. 

And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
Revelation 22:1-2

Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!
Psalm 107:15

Looking up through the leaves dancing in the wind, rest in God’s plan for your life, and in His abundant mercy and goodness.

Friday, July 1, 2022


I headed for a place I know,
not wanting any clock,
where my burdened ears can hear the flow,
resting well on Peaceful Rock.
By the brook, I’ll sit and close my eyes,
where the canopy is thick,
and contentment there I’ll realize,
as I hear the water skip.
I will sit for many hours there,
or at least what seems to be,
and I’ll hear the water sing His care,
of the love He has for me.
And my troubles will go down the way,
where the ravens tend to flock,
yet the perfect peace of God will stay,
trusting well on Peaceful Rock.


Come unto me, all ye that labour
and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28





I carry you: I have made, and I will bear;
Even I will carry you, and will deliver you.
Isaiah 46:4

Trust involves allowing God to carry us through our life journeys. He is our Rock and our Deliverer, our very present help in times of trouble.

As I read Isaiah 46:4, here in Veery Glade, I thought how true these words ring for the pregnant woman as well. When I was pregnant years ago, I bore our unborn children, carrying them in my body, which took its toll for their gain. I remember being super sensitive to automobile exhaust fumes and not wanting to breathe them in when I was driving. God gave me an extra sharp awareness of trying to be careful with each pregnancy.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; for that my soul knoweth right well.
Psalm 139:14

A baby is a beautiful miracle!

When I was pregnant, I cried when I first heard our daughter’s heartbeat. I remember how amazing that sound was! There were two heartbeats in my body and I cried tears of joy when I heard her faster heartbeat. I knew she, and then later, our son, were precious lives inside of me, half me and half my husband. Human birth will always only be possible from the privilege God gives a man and a woman.

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
1 John 4:4

As you know, the devil works against the Living God. Satan is exceptional in his craft, as you also know. He is anti-life and against the Living Word of God, but his days are numbered. He knows he will be destroyed and this knowledge drives him to take down all life and the sanctity of it with him when he goes.
Let us remain encouraged, though. Jesus is far more powerful than Satan.

Faaarrrr more.

In you, O LORD, I have taken refuge;
let me never be put to shame.
Rescue me and deliver me in your righteousness;
turn your ear to me and save me.
Be my rock of refuge,
to which I can always go;
give the command to save me, 
for you are my rock and my fortress.
Psalm 71: 1-3

God reminds us that He will carry us, which is good news when we struggle with hardships. He tells us He will bear. He can handle our problems and give us rest. Knowing He can carry and deliver us from our troubles helps us live. Praying holds us fast and secure on Peaceful Rock.

Maintain a practice of prayer. Our Creator God, who created the Heaven and the Earth and time itself, can carry us because He loves us. Oh how He loves you and me! Faithful communication with Him is how to live a life.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation
for those who are in Christ Jesus,
because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life
set me free from the law of sin and death.
Romans 8:1-2

Jesus, the Son of God, bore the iniquities of the world on the cross. By faith, believers are released from the bondage of sin. Why? Because this is the way God has done it, much like the design of birth. Oh, Freedom! Sin as white as snow! Faith equals freedom. Jesus, our Rock of Salvation, has birthed freedom from sin for us and has gone to prepare a place for us.

Not so for the faithless. Non-believers end up in the sinking sand of no freedom, as you know, and slide down the slippery slope sinking to Nethergloom, bondage, and death. Pray that your faithless loved ones realize the party’s in Heaven, not Hell. Ask God to go inside their minds and rearranged their thoughts.

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
Proverbs 14:12

Where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD. The wise man built his house upon the Rock, but the foolish man built his house upon the sand. Pray again today for loved ones to stick to the way of life.

Why boastest thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man? The goodness of God endureth continually.
Psalm 52:1

On Peaceful Rock, I smile that prayers prayed years ago have been answered just recently. Remain faithful in prayer as God is faithful in His goodness.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022


On the faithful trail, I’ll go,
where the ferns are thick and greening,
and the undergrowth goes up and down,
and the trees are sometimes leaning.

But on the trail, I’ll follow,
as I pass beneath the basswoods,
as I walk along the touch-me-nots,
and a patch of tangled dogwoods.

I’ll trust when at the gully,
where the woods are dark and deepest,
and I’ll cross along the cherry tree,
where the bank is all the steepest.

At trail’s end, I’ll have rest
in a special, hidden clearing—
in the grass, I’ll watch the passing clouds,
and the warblers I’ll be hearing.


I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.
Galatians 2:20




Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.
Hebrews 10:35

Confidence in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, brings great reward. Years ago during Passover, Jesus willingly went to the cross for us. He bore our sin upon the tree. How awesome to have sins passed over! Forgiven!

(For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)
Philippians 3:18-19

As we travel along life’s often gnarly path—like in the deep woods—we encounter enemies of the cross. The cross is foolishness to faith-lacking people whose minds are fixed on earthly things. They feed their appetites and advocate for their immoral acts to be accepted and justified. And faithless people don’t believe in prayer.

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Hebrews 11:6

I trust you know to live a life trusting God and that you believe in prayer. Pray for help when circumstances try to derail you off the trail. Call upon God when hurts send us into the tangled underbrush. God, the Heart Reader, knows the heart asking for guidance. He rewards those who seek Him. Like the Magi, wise men and women still seek Him today in this generation.
And find Him!
Seek and ye shall find.

Think on more than just earthly things. Think on heavenly things. One way to display a mind thoughtful of heavenly things is to honor the Sabbath. Instead of mowing the lawn or scheduling a bike ride with friends on Sunday morning, make an effort to attend church or keep attending if you already do. Make the attempt to honor the Sabbath instead of attending sports practices and games, or a dance recital. Are school districts scheduling sports events on Sunday mornings? Pray that our tax dollars are not being used to show a lack of respect for the Sabbath, and that God would raise up people in education to support honoring the Sabbath. Remember Eric Liddell in the Chariots of Fire movie? He refused to take part in an Olympic race because the event was held on a Sunday. Part of being on the faithful trail is honoring the Sabbath.

Dare to honor! Dare to make a stand!

And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.
Luke 1:45

Mary, the mother of Jesus, knew God rewards. She knew the humble are exalted and the proud are brought down. I’m sure she who saw an angel strove to honor our Creator by putting going to church above household duties. I’m sure she who bore and gave birth to the Son of God tried to obey the command to honor the Sabbath before gratifying her own personal interests and gains. Her soul praised God as she humbly served the Mighty One and became blessed of all women.

And they returned, and prepared spices and ointments, and rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment.
Luke 23:56

And she coming in that instant gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, and spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem.
Luke 2:38

Anna of Asher, an old widow and prophetess, spent a lot of time in the temple praying and waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem. There were probably people in her day that did not go to the temple, but I don’t think Anna followed along with them. Just because some people don’t go to church doesn’t mean that not going is acceptable. Don’t jump on the band wagon! We humans tend to be jump-on-the-band-wagon type of creations. Resist! Now is the time to be the salt of the earth for our generation if we truly call ourselves Christ-followers. After many years, baby Jesus was brought to Anna. She was rewarded in her day for her choice, and yet to come.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1

May we keep walking the faithful trail. Events will come and go, but the things of God are eternal. Live to be rewarded by Him who rewards. 

He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
John 3:18

And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.
Revelation 14:19

Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.
Revelation 2:10

He who created has all authority in and over what He created. If a person cannot believe the first sentence of the Bible, then he or she, most likely, cannot believe much else.

The Bible declares over and over again that judgment is coming. God will have His vengeance. The Creator will judge all hearts and deeds. Only those whose ‘lawyer’ is Jesus—the only One who can save—will survive against merciless wrath.

Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men!
Psalm 31:19 

May we set our sights on our Creator’s promises as we walk along the faithful trail, thanking God every day—and especially on the Sabbath—for His goodness.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022



Joyfully, joyfully, feathered friends call,
the chickadees and grosbeaks and orioles all,
to sing a lyric melody at opening of day,
to start the winging choir, a-chirping all the way!

Over high, over there, beside the babbling brook,
the cardinals and veeries resound in every nook;
the drumming of the ruffed grouse, the cooing of the dove,
the tapping of the woodpecker that echoes up above!

Yahweh God! Yahweh God!”, into the evening night,
hummingbirds and nuthatches turn in from their flight.
And in the final light of day, the robin sings her song.
What joy to hear the woodland birds sing praises all day long!

And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord,
and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.
Luke 1:46-47                                                       


The veeries are very glad in Veery Glade! The birds have returned to the woods, and some new ones too, which is a treat! Their songs lift our spirits and remind us to call on God our Savior through prayer, like Mary did.

Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps: fire, and hail; snow, and vapours; stormy wind fulfilling his word: mountains, and all hills; fruitful trees, and all cedars: beasts, and all cattle; creeping things, and flying fowl: kings of the earth, and all people; princes, and all judges of the earth: both young men, and maidens; old men, and children: Let them praise the name of the LORD: For his name along is excellent; His glory is above the earth and heaven.
Psalm 148:7-13

Isn't it true that what God created praises Him? From the weather, to animals, to trees, to stones, to humans—the Bible tells us so.

And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith? And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?
Mark 4:39-41

Jesus commanded the wind on the Sea of Galilee. He even walked on water! He who created the elements commands the elements. The wind fulfilled His Word (and to me, this is a type of praise).

And when the ass saw the angel of the LORD, she fell down upon Balaam: and Balaam’s anger was kindled, and he smote the ass with a staff. And the LORD opened the mouth of the ass, and she said unto Balaam, What have I done unto thee, that thou has smitten me these three times? And Balaam said unto the ass, Because thou hast mocked me: I would there were a sword in mine hand, for now would I kill thee. And the ass said unto Balaam, Am not I thine ass, upon which thou hast ridden ever since I was thine unto this day? Was I ever wont to do so unto thee? And he said, Nay. Then the LORD opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and he bowed down his head, and fell flat on his face.
Numbers 22:27-31

Remember Balaam's donkey? She saw the angel of the LORD and would not move forward because she knew better. God opened the donkey’s mouth so that she could speak to Balaam, who finally saw what she saw. Balaam realized and bowed his head before the angel in his path. This led to Balaam finally saying what God had told him to say. He who created the animals can make them talk if He wants to!

Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice before the LORD; for he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth: he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth.
Psalm 96:12-13

Then shall the trees of the wood sing out at the presence of the LORD, because he cometh to judge the earth.
1 Chronicles 16:33

For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
Isaiah 55:12

Judgment is coming. These vivid verses paint the scene of rejoicing in God’s righteousness. The evil that persists now will one day be destroyed. There is a time coming when God will have His vengeance and all of creation will respond. There is a time coming when what is right will be showcased and what is wrong will be thrown into the lake of fire. God is a God of justice, and He hears our requests, and praises.

And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.
Luke 19:40

And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father; for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.
Matthew 3:9

Power. Might. When our Lord says He can make the stones cry out, these words come to mind. Jesus can work on tough hearts that have turned their backs on Him. He can work miracles. Jesus has power to forgive sin, restore souls, mend ways, heal minds, renew spirits, and hear prayers. He intercedes on our behalf, we who have faith.

Abraham, Hannah, Mary, David, Jabez, Elizabeth, Esther, Deborah, John, Paul, Peter, Lydia, the woman at the well—all of these people in the Bible (and more) have given praise to our Creator. Their songs and prayers have been recorded. Their words of praise are there for us to read, to hear, to contemplate, to apply, and to remember.

And Mary said,
My soul doth magnify the Lord. And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from hence-forth all generations shall call be blessed. For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name.
Luke 1:46-49
For by him were all things created,
that are in heaven, and that are in earth,
visible and invisible, whether they be thrones,
or dominions, or principalities, or powers:
all things were created by him, and for him.
Colossians 1:16
They shall abundantly utter the memory of thy great goodness, and shall sing of thy righteousness.
Psalm 145:7

Have faith!
May we sing with the woodland birds to our Creator who to us has shown His great goodness.

Sunday, May 15, 2022


Truth is like a trillium
that blossoms in the spring.
It dances with the waking trees
and stirs the birds to sing.

Through winter, it lays dormant,
beneath the snowy ground.
Then with the warmth of springtime,
it stretches roots around.
It grows within the sunshine,
first budding after years.
The plant designed by Trinity
takes time to match its peers.
And there it stands a-shining,
a pure, revealing face!
The woodland floor, once bumpy bare,
now shimmers full of grace!

Truth is like a trillium.
O may my faith grow strong!
For with it, I am known and free
to bloom forever long.


And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32






The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.
Psalm 34:17-18

A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.
Proverbs 15:13

Sorrow of the heart—we have known a crushed spirit. Instead of returning hurt for hurt, we seek He who is near, the same who had breathed life into the nostrils of Adam whom He formed out of the dirt of the ground. Instead of crushing the one who crushes, we turn to our Heavenly Father who hears and delivers, breathing life into our damaged spirits and enabling us to proceed, even with cheer.

A woodland flower that blooms in spring reminds us of truth and tranquility. It’s the season of trilliums, here in Veery Glade! Is there a better place to be at peace than among trilliums? I will be the first to admit trilliums don’t smell like roses. But apart from that, I don’t notice anything lacking in these graceful plants growing in the nitrogen-rich woodland soil.

The name ‘trillium’ was given to this plant because all of its parts exist in groups of three—three white petals, three sepals (small leaves), three large leaves and three stigmas. Trilliums are protected, taking many years to bloom for the first time.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
John 14:6

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, makes a strong statement about Himself, I trust you know. John 14:6 is either the truth handed to us on a royal silver platter or a big fat lie. How anyone responds to this statement determines their eternity. 

Truth enables us to live forever in the realizations that:
Because Jesus is the way, there is no other way apart from Him.
Because Jesus is the truth, there are only lies apart from Him.
Because Jesus is the life, there is only death apart from Him.

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive , because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.
John 14: 16-17

We know truth makes us free—free from the bondage of sin and death. Not knowing the truth, then, continues the bondage. It may take a while to see the face of truth, like the trillium first blooming after years. But when it’s revealed, we fall to our knees in awe. We realize God is the One who can restore us daily. 

The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.
Psalm 138:8

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.
Psalm 27:14

In the white trillium patch of prayer, God’s truth, which is the only truth, shines. The Creator can perfect our concerns and strengthen our hearts. Our time may be well-spent formulating lists of joys and concerns. We are grateful to God in revealing truths to us and making us aware of His working in our lives. The things we have committed to Him are being addressed. Issues that bother us are voiced. Hurts and on-going problems are raised in persistent prayer and left to His timing.

A biblical example of someone praying JOYS is Mary, the mother of Jesus.

And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call be blessed.
Luke 1: 45-48

A biblical example of someone praying CONCERNS is Abraham, who pleaded for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.

And he said, Oh let not the LORD be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake.
Genesis 18:32

May Mary and Abraham inspire us to be specific in our prayers and lists of JOYS and CONCERNS. Let us keep praying as often as we can with renewed lists of joys and concerns, diligent in prayer life. 

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7
Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.
Colossians 3:12-13

Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfill all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power.
2 Thessalonians 1:11

Give a crushed spirit to Creator God who can un-crush and replenish. Only God can fix a broken heart and restore the spirit to keep walking in integrity. In truth, beautify the space around you with goodness.